Dentistry keeps advancing, and with the advances, there is “the right” time in dental technology’s development and tested reliability to integrate it into everyday practice.

At Mark A. Truhe DDS we offer several high tech tools. 

 Intraoral Cameras allow us to take pictures inside your mouth and show you our findings.                                                                       

 Digital X-rays provide a highly detailed, low-radiation image to help us evaluate your teeth and gum health.  We can show you your x-ray instantly on the tv in the operatory. 

Panorex Digital X-rays are highly detailed, low-radiation panoramic that allow Dr. Truhe to see all of the teeth and jaws at once. In addition to your teeth and roots, he is able to see your entire upper and lower jawbones and joints, the nasal sinuses and their surrounding bone, and the mandibular nerve, which provides sensations to the teeth and gums of the lower jaw. 

 Oral ID is an oral cancer screening device that allows your dentist to detect pre-cancerous lesions before they become seriously detrimental to your health. The device uses fluorescence technology consisting of a blue light that will illuminate abnormalities in your mouth. 

 Promax 3-D  is a highly detailed, low radiation scan that allows Dr. Truhe to view dental anatomy from different angles. A 3D scan can help gain a better view of bone structures, such as adjacent root positions, locate canals and root fractures. 

 Cerec same day crown technology take just that, one visit to your dentist. Instead of a traditional impression, we take a digital impression to create a crown that usually only takes a couple of hours in the office as opposed to a traditional impression that will take a lab up to two weeks to make.

 iTero digital scanner Pictures are worth a thousand words right? traditional impressions use a tray filled with material that a patient would bite on while the material cured. An intraoral scanner like iTero, makes having an impression taken fun. An intraoral iTero scan is used to scan the patients mouth which creates a painless digital impression. We can then send that impression directly to our dental lab for any restorative needs or Invisalign for any orthodontic needs.